To measurably improve the quality of life globally by helping people change their habits.

About Us

Located in the heart of San Francisco and backed by world-renown entrepreneurs and investors, Most Days is a small-but-mighty team comprised of software engineers, data scientists, data engineers, and product managers.

Our journey began when our founder, Brent Franson. Inspired by personal experiences, developed a system aimed at improving everyday habits. From his vision, Most Days was born.

We recognize the limitations of today's healthcare. While it's equipped to treat illnesses, it is woefully inadequate in helping us change our behavior and lifestyle. It struggles to provide holistic support unless the solution is a pill, procedure, or a scheduled appointment.

At Most Days, we are focused on filling that gap, on being the system that helps people change their habits to improve their life. We harness insights from leading psychologists, neuroscientists, and medical specialists. By combining their expertise with the principles of behavioral psychology, gamification, and community, we aim to create a more holistic health platform. We integrate all of this with cutting-edge AI, ensuring personalized and efficient paths for individuals to enact change in their lives.

We value progress over perfection at Most Days, and our name echoes this philosophy. It’s a journey towards better habits, and while challenges are inevitable, it's the consistent effort and resilience that truly matter.

Having experienced the transformative power of Most Days firsthand, we're committed to sharing its benefits with others. If you have questions or wish to explore how the Most Days system can fit into your life, we're here to help.

Our Approach to AI

AI is a powerful tool, and we feel it’s important to share how and why we use it.

In the health and wellness space, AI can help:

Reduce Costs

In a pre-AI world, you could spend thousands of dollars to get personalized care. Now, we can send customized reports, analytics and treatment options based on your specific inputs and behaviors at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Increase Breadth and Depth

There is only so much one clinician can do. They often have one speciality and many clients. But AI has the power to access and analyze all your data in seconds and make recommendations taking larger community data to drive faster results.

Holistic Care

AI can access the world’s knowledge across a variety of mental and physical disciplines, taking into account the interdependency of conditions to better serve the whole person.

While AI is not perfect, and may sometimes return unusable information, we strive to counteract that with community and member feedback available on each piece of data shared and periodic expert review of AI-generated content.

Harnessing the power of AI is an ongoing process, but one we feel greatly benefits our members and allows us to better deliver on our mission at scale.

Our Investors

Monique Woodard Headshot

Monique Woodard

Managing Partner, Cake Ventures

Sriram Krishnan Headshot

Sriram Krishnan

General Partner at Andressen Horowitz

Joanna Lee Shevelenko Headshot

Joanna Lee Shevelenko

General Partner, f7 Ventures

Ryan Niece Headshot

Ryan Niece

Managing Partner, Next Play Capital

David Samuel Headshot

David Samuel

General Partner, Freestyle VC

Shuo Chen Headshot

Shuo Chen

General Partner, IOVC • Faculty, Berkeley

Megan Guy Headshot

Megan Guy

Partner, King River

Eric Roza Headshot

Eric Roza

Former CEO of Cross Fit

Nikhil Krishnan Headshot

Nikhil Krishnan


Sonia Arrison Headshot

Sonia Arrison

Author of bestseller 100Plus on longevity

Michael Dearing Headshot

Michael Dearing

Founder, Harrison Metal

Kelly Graziadei Headshot

Kelly Graziadei

General Partner, f7 Ventures

Ben Casnocha Headshot

Ben Casnocha

Partner, Village Global

Owen Tripp Headshot

Owen Tripp

CEO, Included Health

Noah Lang Headshot

Noah Lang

CEO, Stride Health